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Monica Saiz

Ideate and develop

responsive websites from scratch

From your idea, to a final development.
Web development in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Specialized in the translation of microinteractions from interactive design prototypes into code. Responsive design, animations, cross-browser compatibility.
Hosting, domain, site maintenance and server management.
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UI design

for website and mobile

From your idea, to a final design proposal.
UI Design process, from moodboards, style tiles, design systems, until the design of the final screens for both mobile desktop.
Interactive prototypes with Marvel or Invision and microinteractions with Principle.
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Design of illustrations,

UI interfaces, icons, logos

Vectorial design
I use Sketch to draw vectorial shapes. Icons, logos, illustations, interfaces, anything which I first design in my mind, or with simply a pen and blank paper.
I have a special interest for illustration for children.
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UX Design, Design Thinking,

Case Studies

Empathize, Define, Ideate.
Interviews, surveys, applying user research methods to get user insights and build a Persona, and final problem statement.
All the way through the Design Thinking process, to tackle the problem with a user centered approach.
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Freelance writer

as my biggest passion

I write every day of my life, it's a fuel for my happiness, mental stability and it also nourishes my creativity.
So far, I write about my personal experiences, learning, people, life lessons, love, relationships, life.
I'm open to any writing job.
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