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Monica Saiz
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Web developer Web integrator UX designer UI designer Amateur writter


Currently based in Paris, I'm passionate about CSS animations, UX , and design. Designing allows me to explore and express my creativity and inner world, and if it's through my work, that's a great fulfillment. I've worked as a web developer and integrator for 12 years.

Lover of the planet, nature, animals, and people; I add passion and respect to everything I do. I spend most of my spare time reading and writing, from personal reflections to UX case studies or piano music.

I believe what brings expertise and mastery is not your skills but your hard work and passion.

A little bit more background

I started my professional career in 2007 in London as a Ruby on Rails developer. I explored areas like frontend, backend, JS, agile (SCRUM), hosting, or web design.

I lean towards the visual and artistic. I've been focusing on responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3, mobile-first development, css3 web animations, user interactions, and cross-browser compatibility for some years.

I love looking from the user's eyes, deepening, empathizing with them, and challenging myself to develop creative solutions. Indeed that's why I fell in love with Design Thinking, which seeks to understand the user, challenges all assumptions, and aims to find answers that seemed invisible at first glance.

I manage an Ubuntu server at home, which I use as a learning playground, and host personal projects.

Last but not least, I'm available for hire on freelance projects.

What can I do for you?

Coding responsive
From your idea, to a final development. Responsive design, animations, cross-browsing, accessibility.
UI Design for website
and mobile
From your idea, to a final design proposal. Interactive prototypes with microinteractions, in Marvel and Principle.
UX, Design Thinking,
case studies
From a given problem, to a solution proposal. All the way through Design Thinking process, tackling a problem from a user centered approach.
Design, illustration,
UI elements
From a draft in your mind, to a final design. Vectorial design in Sketch of anything from mobile interfaces to children illustration.

Take a look or download my

quotes and prices.

Illustration · Vectorial design

Keen on childrens' style

and cartoons.

I design icons for apps or websites, logos, illustrations. Anything that can be drawn by hand can also be vectorized and used in our designs.
Sketch up your life!

Interface design

User interface design

for website and mobile.

Design of all design elements of a new product or redesign of an existing one.
Moodboards, style tiles, design systems, final screens for both mobile apps and responsive websites. Interactive prototypes with Marvel or Invision and microinteractions with Principle.

Project 1: Mes Amis ["my friends"] Mobile App, UX and Design oriented to kids.

Save animals while learning a language!

The project went from a blank paper to the high fidelity design prototype of a mobile app for kids. The goal of the app is to help children to learn a new language while having fun. It must resemble a summer camp experience, but it needed to happen online and bring both learning and fun.

How to translate all those personal interactions and experiences from a summer camp into a mobile app?

Find the complete Case Study, interactive prototype, the full set of screens, and the whole UX and UI process in this Medium article .


Style tiles

Final screens (short sample)

Read Case Study

Project 2: Genie de la Lampe Responsive website, oriented to adults.

This project aims to connect people who have Cancer with volunteers that want to help.

It's the final project for an intensive UX/UI Design course I did in Paris and one of the most meaningful ones on which I've ever worked. I designed a platform whose objective is to connect people worldwide who need help or want to help.


Style tiles

Final screens (short sample)

Genie de la Lampe Hi-Fi screens

Web development, responsive design, animations

Fred's Hush Belgian DJ

personal website

From an idea to a final developed product
A client's idea was ideated and developed from scratch into a website fully responsive.
Design, development, hosting, maintenance, server management provided.

Christmas Campaign developed

for Zalando

From final designs to development code.
I integrated the marketing team's final designs into code — web development in HTML, CSS, and JS.
It's a fully responsive design, with transitions, and animations, cross-browser compatibility, and detail-oriented.

Sports/fashion landing page

(Adicolor: Adidas and Zalando

Responsive design, transitions and animations
Translation of the micro-interactions (provided as specifications in interactive prototypes by the design team) into code as animations and transitions.
HTML, CSS, and Javascript, fully responsive and detail-oriented.

User Experience Design

UX Design, Design Thinking,

Case Studies

Empathize, Define, Ideate.
Work through the Design Thinking process to tackle the problem with a user-centered approach.
Interviews, surveys, user research methods to get user insights, validate assumptions, build a Persona, and formulate the final problem statement.
Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
— Martin LeBlanc

UX Articles

These below are my favorite case studies and articles about anything related to UX. For UI Case Studies, see the Design section!

Personal Writing

Writing is the fuel for my happiness and life's awareness, and it also nourishes my creativity. I write about my own experiences, those around me, and anything I have seen or heard that led me to reflection.
For more stories, I host all of them under my Medium profile, where I write regularly.



A Beautiful Goodbye

Alzheimer's didn't allow her to remember, but the force of love worked a miracle

P.S. I love you

Sexually Abused at The Age of Eight

Abusing a kid can destroy their entire existence, and I’ve seen it up close in the life of a woman I love.

Fearless she wrote

Confinement is Reshaping The Way We Connect

Nothing will be the same after this pandemic

P.S. I love you

I Love You Dearly — Although You’re Not Yet Born

A love letter to my baby, who will be in our lives in a few days.

P.S. I love you

Two Lovers Who Died the Same Day

I just lost my parents, and their end was magical

The ascent

The Simple Joy of a Quiet Moment

We appreciate life more intensely since confinement

P.S. I love you

Who Should Be Your First True Love?

After my first love tore me apart, I understood why.

The ascent

Stop Telling Me I Need a Man

All my life, they’ve asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Fearless she wrote

How to Deal with a Miserable Person

How pitiful can someone's life be if one can only feel joy over someone else's pain?

P.S. I love you

Pregnancy in the Time of the Coronavirus

Our baby is growing in my belly as we live in a pandemic peak

Fearless she wrote

The Most Painful Call of My Life

I couldn’t tell them in person that their daughter died

The ascent

The Last Day We Saw Her Eyes Open

We will never forget that day; she was going to be a grandmother.

The ascent